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Our courses are designed to help gain confidence behind the wheel, improve traffic awareness, recognize  traffic hazards,  We teach defensive driving, updated traffic laws, new driving technologies, and much much much more.

Heavy Vehicle & Trucks

Trucks are responsible for moving a great quantity of a countries good on our roads, thus central element in providing the requested mobility of goods, which is the essential for all economies. Sustainable development is the long-term policy goal of balancing economic, social and environmental demand.

The truck driver is in command of highly dangerous vehicle, as the impact of his action is much higher than any other on the road. This is derived from the simple formula:  E=m x c² , showing the importance of both, load and speed. Road safety can only be achieved by well trained drivers, who show responsibility for the vehicle, load, environment and other participants on the road. The increasing number of trucks spells a problem to all road users.

This is an ongoing process as revealed in the latest implementation of EU regulations, CPC directive for professional drivers  ”Certificate of Professional Competence“ and ”compulsory training“  The ”Driving Instructors Scottish Council“ states:

  • Too Much Freedom
  • Too Much responsibility
  • Too Little Experience

“New drivers are allowed to drive on roads which demand a great deal of experience although they have had little or no experience on those roads. This is too much freedom to allow and too much responsibility too expect from a driver with too little experience. Because candidates are given an unrestricted right and freedom to drive when they pass the test, they are required to demonstrate all the skills that the exploitation of that freedom will demand.”

Approved Training Centre

This Directive provides for compulsory initial qualification and periodic training of drivers of certain road vehicles for the carriage of goods or passengers. This Directive calls for Member States to set up a system of qualification either based on training course and a test, or on a test only. Periodic training is to be organized by approved training centers. Member States have to apply these arrangements from 10 September 2008 for drivers of passenger vehicles, and from 10 September 2009 for goods vehicle drivers. We offer the combined power of 5 approved training centers !

Earth Moving and Mechanical Equipment

Traffic Solutions International through its partner network offers training and consultancy on a wide range of Earth Moving and Mechanical Equipments.

Specialists from DEULA (Bundesverband der Deutschen Lehranstalten für Agrartechnik e.V.)  [that is the German Federal Association of Agricultural Technical Teaching Colleges]  as well as from Equipment makers will help you in cooperation with driving instructors.

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