Professional Drivers

Traffic Solutions International with its long list of partners pioneer the professional services offered to our clients, TSI is the unique platform to get what you need in the field of traffic and road safety solutions.

Professional Driver … means Qualification.

It requires ”permanent training“ and ”steady improvement“

For taxi driver this means:

  • How to safely cope with Traffic problems
  • Tips and practical Exercises in handling conflict with passengers (de-escalation, prevention)

Showing ways how to minimize consequences of sitting long time, wrong food, sleepiness and stress


Combus training GmbH, Germany

Bus driver Qualification using computer based training programs and buses

Combus training GmbH was founded to develop and implement a computer based training program for transportation enterprises. The goal of this specific approach is to increase the safety and quality of public transportation by bus. The Ministry of the Environment and Traffic as well as the European Union participated in this initiative. combus training GmbH was the first entity to develop new training technologies for the bus industry and to integrate them into the existing education system for bus drivers. This innovative training model has been widely adopted throughout Germany .


Initiated by the WBO, an association of bus enterprises in Baden-Württemberg, combus training GmbH was founded in 1999. The company is based in the city of Böblingen, Germany. Acting on behalf of trade associations and employers’ associations in Baden-Württemberg, the WBO represents 500 transportation enterprises, 6,000 employees, 5,500 bus drivers and 5,000 busses. Member bus companies provide local transportation as well as long distance coach service. In its function as a service provider for the bus industry, the WBO aims to improve the competitive advantage and public image of busses as a means of transportation. To this end, the association maintains good relations with representatives in politics, industry and commerce, as well as the general public. The ”Busforum“ in Böblingen acts as a clearinghouse for all matter concerning busses and offers a range of services for bus companies including consulting services, training, accounting and product sales.

Chauffeur Training

 As a VIP you need protection.

  • Does your chauffeur act appropriately ?
  • Does your car suit your needs ?

Chauffeur Training and more …

  • Assessing situations on the road
  • Chauffeur training
  • Road danger assessment
  • Rout planning
  • Choosing the right vehicle

For VIPs

As a VIP you have certain expectations of your chauffeur and the way he moves you around.

Police specific additional driver education

The specific empowerments in driving police vehicles require police-specific special education and further education. The police-specific special driver education and ongoing driver education by Driving and Safety driving training I result in the competence of driving of police vehicles. This training is to be executed by the certified school.

  • During the training all necessary knowledge and abilities to safely manoeuvre a police vehicle will be taught with special respect to the special tasks of police. A certificate of successful attendance in the driving and safety driving training will be issued by the certified school . Details will be given by the certified school .
  • Apprentices as police officers at the beginning of their first main practical education unit will have to take a safety driving II. on passing this test, they are eligible for driving a police vehicle with the use of priority rights.
  • police officers who are repeatedly involved in traffic accidents will be recommended for respective further training.
  • Furthermore ongoing training – especially advanced driving and safety driving courses – are recommended. They are intended to deepen the required specialized knowledge

(Source :Excerpt from the Police guidelines of the Ministry of Interior of the state of Brandenburg, Germany).

Task Driver

The job of these drivers is quite risky and challenging. It requires permanent training and steady improvement

There are several groups of Task Drivers,

  • Emergency Service
  • Fire Brigade
  • Police (see Police as well)
  • VIP’s Protection
  • Civil Defence
  • Military Defence

Where theses forces employ drivers, they need highly skilled and properly trained staff.

Our offer contains all the aforementioned groups, providing service in the whole field of driving

  • Knowledge of Right of Way
  • Safety first
  • Coping with other road users
  • Assessing road dangers
  • Theory of braking
  • Practical training for Task Drivers
  • On the road training
  • Simulator training

Through our network we also offer

  • Training for emergency service workers
  • Training for emergency teams practice
  • Workshop emergency medicine

Other delegated consultancy and training services can be arranged on request