Teaching Aids

Traffic Solutions International is committed to provide to the best in the range for all the help you need to teach, whether its reading material, Sectioned Models, fully workable Models on stand, Simulators, all type of Audio Visual media aids, High quality VHS, CDs and DVDs. and Varity of reading selection and test papers are available for all the categories and in many languages.

Print Media

Sectioned and on stand Models

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We offer variety of Technical equipment to clients.


Simulators are first choice where it comes to training of situations affected with high practical risk. They offer easy chance to cope with any given situation as many times as needed.

Traffic Solutions International offers a wide range of training simulator for all categories of trainings, our simulator covers from light to heavy categories. There are special simulators such as measuring of hand force etc.

Interactive Media

Learning is easier by listening and watching. We offer a selection of media to choose from, whether you are a video watcher or a fan of interactive learning we have solutions for you, Just select... CDs DVDs Interactive CDs & DVDs

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